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Not so innocent :iconne0numbre0n:Ne0nUmbre0n 2 0
Bomb Wip by Ne0nUmbre0n
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Bomb Wip :iconne0numbre0n:Ne0nUmbre0n 1 0
Bombyx by Ne0nUmbre0n Bombyx :iconne0numbre0n:Ne0nUmbre0n 3 7 Bored Moth Dodls by Ne0nUmbre0n Bored Moth Dodls :iconne0numbre0n:Ne0nUmbre0n 2 0 twitch by Ne0nUmbre0n twitch :iconne0numbre0n:Ne0nUmbre0n 3 0 robot assholes by Ne0nUmbre0n robot assholes :iconne0numbre0n:Ne0nUmbre0n 3 2 Asphodel by Ne0nUmbre0n Asphodel :iconne0numbre0n:Ne0nUmbre0n 2 0


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Body in revolt
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
hey thanks for checking out my profile! I'm Victor, I'm 15 and a self taught artist. I have like a million fandoms, and I'm still a lil emo shit. Meh whatever anyways, don't be scared to talk to me or anything I don't bite, unless you're into that. Don't worry I want kink shame you. Anyways think that sums it up
Also follow me on my g+:… I'm most active there


Pay Pal Commision Prices
my family has run into some financial struggles, my dad has made less than half  the amount of money he did this time last year and my mom is unemployed so i opened a pay pal for commissions, please share with people. all money earned will go to my dad to help buy food and pay bills!
a realism practice with a drawing of Amber liu
link to round icon version:
this took most of today but wind blade is my wife like omg 
Brb kms pay attention to this dumb au
Okay so earlier today I was thinking about how in the transformers movies you see different characters with different colored energon,but if you use the information about energon you learn from the prime series there are very few type stuff of energon and all are extremly rare, and basic energon is blue is which just about everyone runs on, so I thought,what if in the bayverse caste is determined by color of energon like in homestuck and then this fuckery came into existence So enjoy my first thing about this dumb homestuck transformers au

So we've got Ooriion Paxuss I would of kept it Orion pax but ya know 6 letter thing
So this au is a bit weird and isn't 100% homestuck Cannon, such ass not everyone plays SGRUB and they are chosen by the surviving leaders of previous games,the primes, and mutant bloods don't get killed,they simply are given a much lower status and are treated like shit for the most part,and it's very hard for them to get a good education and job and SGRUB is a vital part of life on alternia and they must play it every few centuries to create a new planet as theirs begins to die and deteriorate

So Ooriion is a 10 sweep old approximately 21 human years librarian on alternia, who was chosen to play SGRUB with a selection of autobots and decepticons, IMMA work on em later,anyways, he was chosen to lead,and become a prime. Now another member of the session (megatron )what rather upset by this and planned sabatoge of ooriion when the game began, knowing this Ferrum (Ironhide )constructed a electronic armor that attached to Ooriions nervous system and would protect him from most things.
He's a strong leader and tries to keep infighting to the bare minimum though he has gotten in quite a few fights himself
I Want To Fly Page 1
finished the first page of this comic for my fan trolls
ahhhhh this looks so cute
but in the next few pages I'm gonna be sobbing as i draw them, or ill just scrap it cause this took me 13 hours 
Not so innocent
lmao she was a precious innocent fantail then i went nd did this
this is my first time drawing something this NSFW sp the anatomy is hella wonky
so meet Bombyx Moriri a silk moth inspired fan troll cause they're tiny and precious and fluffy. anyways this tiny timid baby with insanely large pupils is rather quiet and enjoys moths, sewing, raising moths, sorta flying with her tiny wings that before the game her moirail Zurrka made using actual legit alchemy not some lame ass alchemeter, using about 100 moths and a lot of string. she's easily attracted to soft thing and very bright things. her lusus is a giant white silk moth -silkmom- she sorta spaces out a lot tho snd just goes blep anyways shes an innocent child who deserves all the love

so like i head cannoned that knockouts audioreceptors twitch when he's listening or bored so i sorta did a thing and yeah
robot assholes
bored doodles of horrible characters with no redeeming qualities that i shouldn't love but still do
a comic i hade to make for my honors english class that i put off till last second 
Human Knockout Cosplay
ayyyyyyeee this turned out pretty well
just remind me never to wear fake nails again
idk what i did, but i did a thing and holy shit man i love this
i forgot how fun 3d drawings were 
Practice doodles
bored doodles that actually needed looking okay and ended up colored
this also reminded me why i always draw them as humans and not normally my hand is killing me
also I'm aware i need to make screamers face thinner 


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I really wanna commision this one certain artist by Christmas for a small gift to myself, so um yeah, if I get over my goal I will use them for a contest!

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Linda065cliva Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2017  Student General Artist
Hi! I saw you saw the sketch for Bombyx, do you like it? May I start coloring it or do you want me to change something? :-)
Ne0nUmbre0n Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2017  Student General Artist
Of course you can start coloring! It's wonderful!
Linda065cliva Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2017  Student General Artist
Hahaha okay :D
Ne0nUmbre0n Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2017  Student General Artist
=P (Razz) 
numnumcakes Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2017   Digital Artist
Happy Birthday!!!
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thank you so much for your fave :) (Smile)

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Ne0nUmbre0n Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2017  Student General Artist
Will do!
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hi, nice to meet you
Ne0nUmbre0n Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2017  Student General Artist
Nice to meet you too
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